Format: 520mm x 360mm. LARTEC Flexible Dies.

LARTEC Flexible Dies.

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Format: 520mm x 360mm. LARTEC Flexible Dies.

Format: 520mm x 360mm

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This new die cutting system revolutionises the traditional methods, saving on tool costs and set-up time. The machine is designed to be loaded with either blank sheets or pre-press and is able to perform kiss cuts for self adhesive paper or through cuts (metal to metal), as well as cracks, perforations, discontinuous lines, etc.

The perfection and precision of the dies, combined with the machine speed of upto 7000 sheets per hour, makes it one of the most profitable die cutting machines on the market.

Troqueladora 520mm x 360mm  Troqueladora 520mm x 360mm  Troqueladora 520mm x 360mm


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