AirTec and VacTec Cylinders. LARTEC Flexible Dies.

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AirTec and VacTec Cylinders. LARTEC Flexible Dies.

AirTec and VacTec Cylinders

Our company can provide an AirTec and VacTec Cylinder service for all machines.

Produced to the highest industry tolerances, using high quality stainless steel, the cylinders come supplied with gears and fully hardened bearers as standard.

AirTec Cylinders

AirTec cylinders use compressed air to blow material out of the dies, avoiding the build-up of waste inside smaller cutting cavities.

The force of the air blowing through each individual hole is determined by the number of air holes on the cylinder and the capacity of the air compressor being used.

AirTec cylinders are usually used in conjunction with an extraction unit, specially designed to collect the small pieces of material blown out of the die, in order to avoid the waste collecting in the gears or on the surface of the Anvil cylinder.

AirTec Cylinder Photo   AirTec Die Photo      Vacuum Box Photo

VacTec Cylinders

VacTec cylinders offer an interesting alternative to AirTec cylinders. Rather than blowing material out, the VacTec cylinders actually suck waste material into the die which is then removed with the use of a vacuum extraction system. This helps to avoid the build-up of waste inside smaller cutting cavities and ensures that even the smallest particles are safely removed.

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