Flexible Dies. LARTEC Flexible Dies.

LARTEC Flexible Dies.

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Flexible Dies

Flexible Dies. LARTEC Flexible Dies.

STANDARD - Adhesive Labels, Security Labels

The manufacturing of dies in this market demands maximum quality. LARTEC has the knowledge and more than 20 years experience with the most diverse materials and suppliers, as well as with label manufacturers.

STANDARD dies are made using the best materials on the market, ensuring high precision (+/-0.003 mm max.), flexibility and wear resistance.

This series includes dies with cutting heights between 0.250 mm and 0.500 mm, with 0.440 mm and 0.480 mm being the most common heights for the self-adhesive label market.

All of our dies are given a special anti-corrosion treatment.

Foto Troquel Flexible  Foto Troquel Flexible  Foto Troquel Flexible

The possibilities for die cutting are vast, enabling our customers to cut a wide range of materials for a variety of different uses:

- Adhesive Papers: Coated, Thermal, Recycled, Laser,…
- Adhesive Films: PE, PP, PET, OPP, Tyvek, Polyamide, PVC,…
- Cards of different weights and thicknesses
- Textile Materials with different types of adhesive
- Foils

- Standard kiss cut 0.440mm
- Standard through cut 0.480mm
- Multi-level cuts in different lines or on the same line

- Heights of special cuts from 0.25mm to 0.5mm
- Angle of cuts between 50º and 110º
- Possibility of quality hardening for longer print runs

Foto Troquel FlexibleFoto Troquel FlexibleFoto Troquel Flexible

- Continuous Cardboard Boxes
- Envelopes and Windows
- Security Labels
- Speciality Dies

Foto Troquel para Cajas de Cartoncillo en continuoFoto Troquel para Sobres y VentanillasFoto Troquel para Etiquetas de Seguridad


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