Technical specifications. LARTEC Flexible Dies.

LARTEC Flexible Dies.

Made for precision

Technology and precision

Technical Specifications

The die manufacturing process is fully automated, with no manual intervention during the line-cut finishing process. This kind of finish is essential for achieving the best quality, without any rectification work on the rear of the die.

For this reason, manufacturing limitations are virtually inexistent with regards to shape and size.

  • → Maximum Plate Size: 780mm x 580mm
  • → Range of Possible Heights: 0.300mm – 1.5mm
  • → Standard Height Kiss Cut: 0.440mm
  • → Standard Height Through Cut: 0.480mm
  • → Possibility of Multiple Heights on the same Plate
  • → Minimum Space between Lines: 0.8mm
  • → Minimum Space between Shapes for Perforations: 2mm
  • → Cutting Angles: 50º - 110º
  • → These angles will vary according to the type of material to be cut
  • → Tolerance: +/- 0.003mm

Possibility of cutting many types of Material:

  • → Adhesive Papers: Coated, Thermal, Recycled, Laser,…
  • → Adhesive Films: PE, PP, PET, OPP, Tyvek, Polyamide, PVC,…
  • → Cards of different weights and thicknesses
  • → Textile Materials with different types of adhesive

Possibility of Perforations, Micro-Perforations and Punches:

  • → Standard Perforation: 2mm cut - 1mm hold (2:1)
  • → Minimum non-cut distance: 0.3mm

The dies have alignment marks so that they can be correctly placed on the Magnetic Cylinder.

All of our dies are given a special anti-corrosion treatment.

Options: The dies can be engraved with any text that the customer needs.

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